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ABC's of College Funding

Jeff Walters and Shannon Panek lead you through the biggest college planning concerns. They'll talk about the best ways to save for, plan, and pay for college.

Student loans. Repayments. Career choices. Job availability. Test prep. The FAFSA. We'll cover it all on this show.

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Aug 6, 2020

What does a student services coordinator do? Why is it important for high school students to have a plan going into college? Nicole shares her experience and how it directly relates to her new role on the team.


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On today's show: 

1:17 - Introducing our new student services coordinator, Nicole.

2:14 - In our new COVID world, what does student activities look like?

5:43 - What are the long-term goals of Community Educational Funding?

7:10 - Who is Nicole? What is her background?

8:42 - What does a guidance counselor do or not do?

10:21 - What happens when you realize you picked the wrong school?

11:44 - What do some students choose a college based on?

13:14 - What was Nicole’s initial college experience like?

15:31 - What changed after she transferred?

16:42 - College isn’t for everyone.